Local Medical Professionals on Lean Online:

“Tri Valley Trainer’s Lean Online is an innovative group coaching program that both clarifies and simplifies healthful eating. The web-based group is interactive and flexible and provides extensive guidance on how to effectively apply sound eating principles while juggling a busy, chaotic schedule with work and family demands.

Consistently practicing the simple rules presented in the program can have a significantly positive effect on reducing overweight and obesity-related health risks like cardiovascular disease, stroke and diabetes and contribute to life-long health and wellness.”


Barbara Boyer, M.D.

Amanda Haiman, M.D.                                                    

Heather Kaufman, R.D.

Ed Le Cara, D.C., PhD., ATC, CSCS

Tristan Buzzini, PsyD.

Phillip Maddux, R.N.




Next series begins Jan 6!

Working out regularly but still not as lean as you’d like to be? Master your ideal body composition with this four-week program that will provide you with invaluable tools to conquer this challenge once and for all. This interactive, web-based program will teach you easy-to-practice strategies that are effective, flexible, and sustainable for life. The Details:


  • Private Facebook group membership for program

  • Monday topic post with related fat loss tactics and practice guidance for the week

  • Members post questions, victories and struggles to prompt customized guidance

  • Exclusive “Get Lean” recipes and work out tips provided

  • Friday coaching video based on member posts and questions through the week including current week topic and cumulative challenges

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